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Visit the Vintage Halloween Store featuring old-fashioned Halloween items from vintage style chenille figures to cutout ornaments and cards to our signature noisemaker rattles--they're Spooktacular! Lots of great items for your Halloween parties and your tricksters and spooksters! (For Vintage Party items in other holiday themes: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and more, check out The Vintage Party.)

Vintage Style Modern Halloween Collectibles:

Modern Halloween decorating includes a wide variety of styles to suit every taste, but what I enjoy most are those items with a vintage style appearance that harken back to old-fashion Halloween imagery.

I now highlight a lot of the vintage style items we find in stores at my Vintage Halloween Collector Blog--check it out to see what's in stores now!

See below for items we found in recent years with vintage flair--the items shown below are not for sale--they are items that I have added to my collection that were found during the year in various stores. For vintage items in my collection, you can view some of my pieces in the Vintage Collectibles section. I will also be highlighting some things in my Vintage Halloween Collector Blog.

2008 Vintage Style Items Discovered:

Check out this fabric from Wal-Mart:

2007 Vintage Style Items Discovered:

At Cost Plus World Market (Love this Store!):

Great Paper Buckets with Vintage Flair plus neat Witch Taper Candle:

At Joann Fabric & Craft Stores:

(I was not too impressed with the items at Joann Craft Stores this year as compared to previous years. They did have some interesting felt goodie bags though and some interesting fabric, and cute Halloween buttons.)


At Michaels Craft Stores: (I like their line this year!)

At TJ Maxx:

2006 items of interest:

At Joann's:


At Cracker Barrel:

At T.J. Maxx:

2005 items of interest:

At Michael's:

At Joann's:

Some neat items found for the 2004 Hallowe'en season:

At Kohl's:

At Target:

At Wal-Mart:

At Michael's:

Joann's Crafts:

Cracker Barrel:

T.J. Maxx:

Here are some 2003 displays of items I found in stores the last couple of years:

2002 Dept. 56 critters, referred to as the "crate of critters." They have an attached hanger to hang on your Hallowe'en tree and remind us of the old papier mache lanterns.

Noddler found at Michaels Aug. 2003:

Found at Hobby Lobby Aug. 2003: a) tea light candle holders and b) ornaments

a) b)

Found at Wal-Mart Sept. 2003: a) Lemax Spooky Town: The Alford Mansion for 22.95:


Found at Michaels Aug. 2003: a) tea light candle holders. Jol comes in two styles, colors: orange, red, and brown. Gourd comes in 2 styles, green, tan, and orange and b) Witch holding cat bubble light

a) b)

Found at TJ Maxx Aug. 2003: a) Jol Noddler, b) Witch Jol Doll, c) Shorter Jol Man, d) Taller Jol Man, e) Jol riding bike(2 images), f) Shiny Brite Witch Container, g) Witch Jol Noddler

a) b) c) d)

e) f) g)

Noddler found at Kirklands 2003:

Noddler found at Target for 2002 Hallowe'en season:


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