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Vintage Halloween Collectibles: Post Cards

Halloween postcards are one of the most collectible Halloween items. Most used wonderfully illustrated scenes of festivities on Halloween including bobbing for apples, fortune games, witches, pumpkins, veggie people, and cats.

Some of the more popular postcards are those signed by the artist--such as Clapsaddle and Brundage cards. Postcards, the precursor of the standard modern greeting card, were prolific for Halloween beginning in the late 1800s. Generally, these can be found for as little as $10.00 to $20.00 on up to several hundred dollars for rarer cards--especially those that are mint and unused. Some become very collectible too because of the writing on the back of the postcards. I have one that is clever in that it is reminiscent of Halloween activities addressed to a "Master Bruce Pember":

"Dear Bruce,
Will write you a card so you will get it in time for Hallowe'en. We are going to a party. Why don't mamma write. I hope your Papa is well now. Don't do any Hallowe'en pranks.
Aunt Anna"

Some fun sayings from vintage postcards:

"May the witch, which here is seen
bring you a bird of a Halloween."

Beware! The time is here
in which the witches do appear."

"Hold your candle steady
And keep a sharp lookout
For back among the shadows
You'll see goblins peeping out."

"May jack-o-lanterns burning bright.
Of soft and golden hue.
Pierce through the Future's veil and show
What fate now holds for you."

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