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Vintage Halloween Collectibles: Noisemakers

Noisemakers were fun and inexpensive toys. They came in all varieties and many different styles featuring the usual Halloween themes and symbols: witches, black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, owls, devils, and more.

Generally, noisemakers can be purchased from around $15.00 to $75.00 with some commanding prices into the hundreds depending on scarcity, age, style, images, and maker.

An easy way to make your own barrel style noisemakers:

Take small juice cans that come with the peel off tops or pop tops. Drink the juice, rinse out, and dry. In center of can on it's side, drill a small hole about the size of the wood dowel you will use for your handle.

Fill with about a half a cup of beans, rice, or pebbles. Use wooden dowel to make a handle that you can stick inside the barrel and glue in there with a hot glue gun or other glue. Using cardboard, cut a circle to fit the round end where the opening is and glue it on. Paint the ends and edges with black paint as well as the handle. Take old candy wrappers, treat bags, printed images, stickers, etc.. and decoupage onto the barrel of the noisemaker using Modge Podge. Let dry between layers. Put on about 3 or 4 layers and also put a couple of layers on the barrel ends. These are fun to customize and give as party favors!

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