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Vintage Halloween Collectibles: Costumes

Traditionally, costumes were worn in ancient times by the Celts to blend in with ghosts during the eve when the veil between life and death was at the thinnest. These costumes were said to be worn to scare away spirits as well.

Most costumes consist of the usual suspects: witches, ghosts, dracula, mummy, devil, angel, cowboy, indian, and princess among other time honored favorites such as cartoon characters and superheroes. Vintage costumes were often handmade out of crepe paper. The Dennison Paper Company's Bogie books and other crepe paper books had lots of ideas and illustrations of costumes that could be made with crepe. Finding these vintage crepe costumes, which were often discarded after Halloween, is a treat!

Popular costume makers included Collegeville, Ben Cooper, and Halco. These packaged costumes came in a box with an outfit and a mask as shown at left.

Pricing value range: $25.00+

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